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The Smiths, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (Sire, 1986)

The YouTube description for the Smiths’ video for “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” says it all: “Arguably one of the best songs ever written.” Hackum1, whoever you are, we couldn’t agree more. The video though? Well, maybe not so much. You’d think Morrissey, Marr and those other guys would want the clip for The Queen Is Dead’s shining moment to be a bit more interesting than some slow-motion shots of a shirtless boy (or is it a girl? Oh the androgyny!), a flaming car, and some spliced in snippets from some lost British tourism flick from the early 60s. But, when you’ve written a song this amazing, sometimes it’s best to step out of the way, deliver a few murky visuals, and let the music do the talking. Or moaning. Or whatever it is Morrissey does with his voice. — Ryan Allen

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Over the years, Portland, Oregon by-way-of Olympia, Washington label Kill Rock Stars has housed some legendary shit. At one point or another, Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, the Decemberists, Bikini Kill, and Bratmobile have all called the label home. Nowadays, the likes of Deerhoof, Erase Errata, New Bloods, Shy Child, and Xiu Xiu proudly hang their hats there. So when we sent KRS an email almost a year ago asking them to fill out a little survey of ours, never to hear anything in return, we had to chock it up to the fact that, shit, homeys must be busy putting out records and stuff. So, it came as quite a surprise when, low and behold, newish label owner (and wife of former honcho Slim Moon) Portia Sabine sent us an email, answering all of our silly little questions. Read on, and discover that despite being a label called Kill Rock Stars, it’s still apparently Okay to Read more

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