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Tad, “Grease Box” (Giant, 1993)

From its album art, to their snap-up signing, to their eventual drop from major label sight, Tad and their lone Giant record — Inhaler; seriously, check out its placeholding, corpo art dept., “this is alternative” cover art — are one of the best anomalies in rock-n-roll history. Tad Doyle, grunge confidant and sometime butcher, is so all over “Grease Box,” his hair in his face and his giant head nodding back and forth like he’s making a decision on how to lay waste to you. And the song’s grunge rattle is in place, with Mudhoney in there but more metal, and Alice in Chains in the chorus. It’s still a great jam, and seeing this video — as 90s as the cover art of Inhaler — is kind of fun now. Spinning hands at 2:07! — Johnny Loftus

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