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In case you spent most of the weekend not reading, and instead stuffing your face and rocking out at this this year’s CityFest, you may have missed the Jack White-penned poem about and for Detroit, published in the Detroit Free Press (read it here). Below, our newest scribe Paul Serilla weighs in on “Courageous Dream’s Concern” — the words written by Detroit’s most famous defected star.


Somehow over the last few years, we’ve become very confused about Jack White’s opinions of his home town. Clearly, the mistake was ours — like most problems or issues with Monseigneur Jack, it’s ridiculous to just assume he was ever in the wrong. But thanks to the literary PR wizards at the Detroit Free Press (it’s a bundle of paper you obtain by putting a bunch of quarters into a box with a glass window that’s chained to a diner or conversely pay a pre-teen boy to throw at your house before dawn — ask your grandpa) we now have a clarification of Jack’s feelings about “the D.”

These feelings it turns out, could only be fully and truly expressed in prose — of course with a nice introductory note by Rothbury apologist Brian McCollum (we’re really pissed we didn’t drive five hours to see Dave Mathews in the woods — that dude never tours). You see, it wasn’t that Jack Read more

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