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Hot Chip, “One Pure Thought” (Astralwerks/DFA, 2008)

The beginning sort of checks “Something So Strong” by Crowded House, and Hot Chip guy even sounds like a Finn brother there for a minute. But then the rest of the dudes start plinking on his cartoon head, and this clip for “One Pure Thought” is suddenly all Hot Chip all the time. The band’s flair for quirk is part of its appeal; it’s part of what makes them occasionally annoying, too, but the latter isn’t something they’ve had to deal with as much with Made in the Dark, their most recent and most infections. “Pure Thought” is no different, combining the group’s organic stoner sensibilities with twittering electro-pop and even a guitar solo. And that ending, with the dancing in unison…well, it’s pretty irresistible, right? — Johnny Loftus

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Shy Child, Noise Won’t Stop (Kill Rock Stars, 2008)

Listen: “Pressure to Come”

Your enjoyment of Shy Child hinges on how much you love to wiggle and shake to the sound of two men attacking. The New York City duo’s latest, cheekily titled Noise Won’t Stop, often churns in an agitated half-time. Jerky, disjointed stabs of synth bang ricochet off the thump of the drums, and patterns, not songs, emerge from the onslaught. Vocalist/keytarist Pete Carafella’s “kick it like a kick drum” call in the Read more

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