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Moby, “Disco Lies” (Mute, 2008)

Is this what the feverish murder dreams of vegans look like? One lone chick escapes death by foodstuff, grows up to be bird pimpin’, only to stumble upon the suspect street food joint that totally ate his brethren for lunch. And then it really gets nuts. Feathers fly through a chase scene, and in the meantime the Mobes’ crystalline stab at early to mid-1980s disco/freestyle soundtracks the shit. And in the end, it’s like the clip for Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” meets Death Wish. — Johnny Loftus

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Ratatat, LP3 (XL, 2008)

MP3: Mirando

Ratatat has been refitting the tenets of rock and roll for its own electro-pop ends since 2004, when the New York City duo surfaced with their self-titled debut. Electric guitars find harmonies over beats that tick off in time signatures similar to the rocktastic moments that frequent the work of outfits like Daft Punk, and while they explore that same, louder dancefloor, on the debut, 2006′s Classics, and the new LP3, Ratatat have also moved steadily toward a sound that’s more song-based, experimental, and built for listening as much as grooving. With so many types operating in the nexus between rock stomp and blog-house squelch — “if Justice can do it, why can’t we?”, more and more groups are asking — you’d think Ratatat would Read more

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>>> Did somebody say, “Fuck yeah!”? The Fuck Yeah! Festival — August 30-31, in downtown LA — just announced a tour in conjunction with their annual event, and boy is it fuckin’ sweet. Fucking awesome fucking bands like Matt & Kim (who are playing some other festival in June), the Death Set (hm, them too), the Circle Read more

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