Violens Think We’re All “Doomed”

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We know, we know. We keep going on and on about Violens — the NYC band and friends of MGMT, made up of members of Lansing-Dreiden, that simultaneously nod to 60s psyche-pop and drowsy, New Romantic-era mope-rock. It’s just that we can’t get enough of ’em, and that they make the kind of music we wish we could make if we had any idea of what we were doing. The stylish video for “Doomed” finds the band indulging in their Zombies fetish, combining chiming acoustic guitars with clickity-clack drumming and bouncy harpsichord that would make more than a few guys in berets and soul patches do the hippie, hippie shake. Also, it’s the first time where we realize singer Jorge Elbrecht sounds kind of like George Michael…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Visually, we get pictures of aloof models taking Polaroids of dead people, leading us to believe that the possiblity that an “America’s Next Top Model”/”CSI” cross over isn’t too far-fetched.  Your move, Tyra. — Ryan Allen

Violens Have Got Us In A Trance

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Violens, “Trance-Like Turn” (Green Owl Records, 2008)

Mincing New Romantic-era synths, 60s-pop harmonies, shoegaze guitar theatrics, and good, old fashioned indie-punk grit, Brooklyn’s Violens are one of our most beloved discoveries of the year. In fact, we’ll just say it now: Violens are the BEST new band of the year, and if their recent three-song EP is any indication, whenever these ex-Lansing-Drieden dudes decide to release a full-length, we’ll be there, palms sweating in anticipation. For now, though, we’ll take what we can get; in this case, it’s the profile-heavy video for “Trance-Like Turn,” their contribution to Green Owl Records’ A Benefit for the Energy Action Coalition compilation. Sure, it’s not much to look at — as most performance-based videos tend to be — but the song itself will swoon you enough to keep paying attention. It’s almost, trance-like, wouldn’t you say? — Ryan Allen