Posted by: Ryan Allen on September 10, 2008 at 10:00 am

The Shaky Hands, Lunglight (Kill Rock Stars/Holocene Music, 2008)

MP3: “We Are Young”

It was only last year that the Shaky Hands released their debut album and became Portland indie-darlings. Phrases like, “jangle pop” and “summertime music” were thrown around, affirmative nods were sent their way, and many a “you’ve got to see these guys live” blog entries were written. Now just one year later, the band is back with Lunglight — an album that shows the 2007 buzz was on target. But the Shaky Hands have added an edge and a weight to their sound that is highlighted on their second offering. Sure this is music that jangles, but it’s also jagged and jarring in all the right places. Bands like Vampire Weekend and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have a similar style and early buzz story, but both have the relatively harmless bite of a newborn tiger. Time will tell, but the Shaky Hands may very well be the momma tiger that lunges and rips out your jugular as you’re coo cooing over her unattended cub. “When your shots ring loud, it’s just a sound ‘cause we took your bullets out,” front man Nick Delffs sings on album opener “A New Parade,” but he’s not singing about his band’s sound. The Shaky Hands are fully loaded and the safety is off. — Laura Witkowski

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