Posted by: Ryan Allen on September 12, 2008 at 5:31 pm

This Saturday at the Lager House — oops, our bad…PJ’s Lager House —  is going to feel a little bit like 1999, and a little bit like 2008, all rolled into one rippin’ night. Why, you say? Well, Detroit rock heavyweights the Hentchmen, the Muldoons, and garage rock newbies the Dial Tones are all releasing hot slabs of vinyl on the same night, courtesy of Bellache Records!

Now, we all know Hentch and the Muldoons have more than a few releases under their belts, but this evening will bring the very first offering from the Dial Tones. The 6-song debut EP comes correct via 33 RPM 7″, which is totally badass, but if you’re all new-school and don’t have a record player for some stupid reason, we’re going to do ya’ll a favor and give you the A-Side to what the Dial Tones like to call The Hot Dogs! EP. Eat ’em up!

MP3: “Lost Love”

MP3: “Numb”

MP3: “Ghetto Bird”

— Ryan Allen

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Posted by: Ryan Allen on July 25, 2008 at 5:22 pm

The Displays, Ain’t Gonna Put Us Down (Self-Relesed, 2008)

MP3: Don’t Need You

You could knock Detroit’s kid rockers the Displays for being slightly derivative of D-town rock of the past — namely the Sights, the Dirtbombs, and all the jean-jacketed grease monkeys that came before them — but what is the fun in that? While some might choose to look at Ain’t Gonna Put Us Down as a trite tribute to an era of Detroit rock that simply ain’t as hot as it used to be, we choose to evaluate their bash n’ bang style of garage rock as the result of a couple of kids steered in the right direction. Trust us, the fact that these Read more

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