Posted by: Ryan Allen on August 8, 2008 at 11:00 am

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Sebadoh, “Rebound” (Sub Pop, 1994)

There was a lot of debate as to if Sebadoh were in over their heads, when they played their “classic” album Bubble and Scrape front-to-back at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival a few weeks back. But who could blame the haters, as the Seb were squeezed in between Mission of Burma tearing through Vs. and Public Enemy making It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Hold Us Back — as well as the city of Chicago — their bitch? If it were up to us, Lou Barlow and Jason Lowenstein would have called up Bob Fay, instead of that crazy Eric Gaffney guy, and busted out all of 1994’s Bakesale — an album we listened to way too much while mowing the lawn. And yeah, B&S faves “Soul and Fire,” “Happily Divided” and “Homemade” are perfect examples of classic lo-fi pop done right; it’s just that we prefer the tightly wound fair of Sale‘s “Licence to Confuse,” “Magnet’s Coil,” and “Rebound” — the song for which this home-made movie-styled video was made. We know Bubble and Scrape may have started it all, but to us, Bakesale was more than just a rebound; it was an improvement. — Ryan Allen

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Posted by: Johnny Loftus on July 22, 2008 at 9:00 am

Talk about class. Cut Copy, who you may or may not have read us trying to make out with after they blew our minds at South by Southwest, was late to their Sunday evening time slot at the 2008 Pitchfork Music Festival. Travel issues involving Australia and O’Hare Airport. Sudden darling King Kahn tried to rally the disappointed crowd with an impromptu set of covers , but Bradford Cox didn’t seem into it, and Jay Reatard appeared on stage only to moon the crowd. We made our way toward the exits as the strains of Spoon‘s sophisti-pop oomph’d and ahh’d from across the field. (It was “I Turn My Camera On.”) A line of porta-johns blocked our view of where Copy was to have played, so we didn’t see them when they first replaced their replacements on stage. But we heard half of “Future” and all of “Hearts on Fire,” and then those dudes thanked us for listening, as if we were the ones who’d Read more

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