Posted by: Ryan Allen on September 30, 2008 at 11:47 am

Brightblack Morning Light, Motion To Rejoin (Matador Records, 2008)

MP3: “Hologram Buffalo”

If you live in a solar powered tent-like structure in the middle of New Mexico and spend your days meditating over your Native American heritage, reminiscing about your connection to nature, and writing long, slow motion jams celebrating the Earth and your quest for freedom, congratulations, you are probably Brightblack Morning Light. But for those unable to live a 24/7 hippie life of Zen and healing crystals, the music of Naybob Shineywater and partner Rachael Hughes offers a portal into that world to be entered at will by simply allowing their music to enter your world. Awash with mood altering shimmers and dream-like gliding riffs, Brightblack Morning Light proves that being in touch with the Earth doesn’t necessarily mean keeping your feet on the ground. Motion To Rejoin, their third full length and second for Matador, takes psych, funk, Native American instrumentation, 60’s soul, gospel and more and throws it all into Brightblack Morning Light’s cauldron of mysticism. Like most good recipes, this one takes its sweet time brewing to perfection, and the results must be savored slowly to truly enjoy. Each song floats and swirls like the smoke from a smudging stick, offering emotional and spiritual purification. Brightblack Morning Light are offering up a chance to get back in touch with the environment, to help you remember what it’s like to actually go outside and marvel at nature’s mysteries. Unless you’re far too jaded, consider accepting their Motion To Rejoin. — Laura Witkowski

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