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Posted by: Johnny Loftus on July 8, 2008 at 9:00 am

Icy Demons, Miami Ice (Obey Your Brain, 2008)

MP3: “Miami Ice”

Let’s get a rundown on the members’ of Icy Demons‘ aliases. Here are the handles, straight outta MySpace: Blue Hawaii/Tombstone G, Pow Pow/Graveyard P, Ali Hawkbar, Ta-Freek-Ya, and Il Cativo. No need to print these people’s aka’s here; when types have gone through as much trouble as Icy Demons have to conceal their true identities behind fantabulous names pulled from the Random Stoner Nickname Generator, let’s just leave it at “‘Sup, Graveyard P?,'” and get on with it. Miami Ice follows 2004’s Fight Back! and Tears of a Clone from 2006, and was apparently released in Japan before arriving here via the Demons’ in-house imprint Obey Your Brain. The racket here often features dudes oohing, ahhing and harmonizing over little repeating melodic figures, improvised percussion that often involves fingers and palms, and a mess of old or old-sounding keyboards. Robert Wyatt’s bearded face probably floats over Icy Demons in the recording studio. And while their tone sometimes seems cheeky — those aliases do, too — there are enough moments of legitimately interesting experimentation to keep Miami Ice afloat. The way the analog ooze of “Who There???” fades right into “Spywatchers” and its psych-krautrock hybridism, or the genial indie squelch pop of the title track, which is probably right now causing newly-budded indie kids to do the bop. (“This is the night! I’m feeling alright! They’re acting like Monkeys!”) “Cuttin’ Down to Baba’s,” in addition to making the short list of Coolest Song Titles Ever, is on some wacky rapping-meets-gristly-post-punk shit. Verdict: Miami Ice‘s “high” points make it easier to ignore its forays into inside joke-ness. — Johnny Loftus

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