Posted by: Johnny Loftus on July 2, 2008 at 11:38 am

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Langhorne Slim, “Rebel Side of Heaven” (Kemado, 2008)

The rebel side of heaven is probably way more awesome than a few makeout sessions in a bathroom stall. But if this clip for Langhorne Slim‘s new single fails at depicting the misfit fun side of the afterlife, it at least succeeds at presenting where he and his band sit in the scope of neo-folk acts who also melodically aim for a bit of the mainstream. “Rebel Side of Heaven” rambles like Ryan Adams in a good mood, its horn section burping along and Slim’s acoustic antics and slouchy, Mraz’ian hat exciting the white people on hand for the video shoot. “We love to hop up and down to inviting, completely un-threatening folk-pop!”, the white people were quoted as saying. — Johnny Loftus

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