Posted by: Ryan Allen on August 7, 2008 at 11:00 am

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Violens, “Trance-Like Turn” (Green Owl Records, 2008)

Mincing New Romantic-era synths, 60s-pop harmonies, shoegaze guitar theatrics, and good, old fashioned indie-punk grit, Brooklyn’s Violens are one of our most beloved discoveries of the year. In fact, we’ll just say it now: Violens are the BEST new band of the year, and if their recent three-song EP is any indication, whenever these ex-Lansing-Drieden dudes decide to release a full-length, we’ll be there, palms sweating in anticipation. For now, though, we’ll take what we can get; in this case, it’s the profile-heavy video for “Trance-Like Turn,” their contribution to Green Owl Records’ A Benefit for the Energy Action Coalition compilation. Sure, it’s not much to look at — as most performance-based videos tend to be — but the song itself will swoon you enough to keep paying attention. It’s almost, trance-like, wouldn’t you say? — Ryan Allen

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