Posted by: Mike White on March 9, 2009 at 4:22 pm

Prayer of the Rollerboys (Rick King, 1990)

There were several rollerblade flicks to grace screens in the late eighties and early nineties (Solarbabies, Rollerblade 7, Roller Blade Warriors), but only one had the vision to cast one of the Two Coreys. Corey Haim, stars as Griffin in Prayer of the Rollerboys, a low rent post-apocalyptic flick in which a band of trenchcoated teens terrorize society.  The Roller Boys are yuppie scum on skates and earn their bread by making and selling the designer drug “Mist.” Their goal: use their drug profits to buy back America from the foreign powers that bought out the U.S. after the “Great Crash” of the economy.  If you live in Detroit, sharpen your skates because the “Day of the Rope” may soon be upon us.

Despite Griffin and Roller Boy leader Gary Lee (Christopher Collet) growing up together, Griffin steers clear of the Roller Boys until his little brother Milton (Devin Clark) gets mixed up in some bad business.  Griffin has to go undercover to save his brother and help out policewoman hottie Casey (Patricia Arquette).  A goofus getting in good with a band of twisted criminals while bedding a short-haired chick?  If this sounds like an early draft of Point Break, that’s probably because writer W. Peter Iliff went on to pen the Keanu Reeves cult classic.

At times reminiscent of Peter George’s Surf Nazis Must Die (especially with Gary Lee’s “final solution”), Prayer of the Rollerboys is a classic case of bad film pouncing on a trend.  A must see for Corey Haim’s extensive headband and do-rag collection.  “Day of the rope… Day of the rope… Day of the rope…”

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