New Matt and Kim Track Tastes Like Tangy Grape Mountain Dew Slurpee

Brooklyn spaz duo Matt and Kim get all old skool hip hop and shit on their new song “Daylight.” The track comes courtesy of Green Label Sound, Mountain Dew’s new MP3 download site. M&K are just the second artists to release a song via Green Label; the Cool Kids released a track earlier this year and two more bands are slated before the end of ’08.

MP3: “Daylight”

U Can’t Touch This

It might be unknown to some, but Chuck Inglish — one half of neon-hued Chicago hip-hoppers Cool Kids — originally hails from Detroit. Those in the know, however, are going to get a healthy reminder of Inglish’s hometown pride during a verse from Cool Kids’ “Pennies”; a verse that is dedicated almost entirely to Bad Boys-era Detroit Pistons. Shout outs to Chuck Daly (aka “Daddy Rich”), Auburn Hills, MI (“home of the Palace” obvs), and our boy Isiah Thomas not only remind us of how awesome it was to be alive in 1989 and 1990, but also make us yearn for the days that the Pistons dominated teams by basically beating the living shit out of them, you know, physically. It’s hammer time, ya’ll! Click here to stream/download. (Via Gorilla Vs Bear) — Ryan Allen