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Posted by: Ryan Allen on September 16, 2008 at 10:00 am

Calexico, Carried To Dust (Quarterstick, 2008)

MP3: “Two Silver Trees”

When a band is said to have “defined their sound,” this is usually a public relations savvy way of saying they’ve hit a plateau and gotten boring. But on Carried To Dust, Calexico take the lessons learned from their 2006 effort Garden Ruin –- considered a more straightforward rock record (or as straightforward rock as Calexico can be) –- and build on those strengths while circling back and returning to form. The results, though more subtle in their delivery of beauty and complexity –- are certainly not boring. Rather, this time around Joey Burns and John Convertino might find they’ve pleased both those who lamented the change of pace offered by Garden Ruin, and those who welcomed the growth in scope. The Southwestern roots on which Calexico has built its sound have been strengthened by touring, collaborating and most importantly, seeking out and experiencing music from all over the world. Stylistically they’ve never sounded so melded, yet Carried To Dust is a story of adventure and spontaneity. A genre Calexico hasn’t exhausted just yet. — Laura Witkowski

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