Posted by: Ryan Allen on August 8, 2008 at 9:00 am

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The Oscillating Fan Club, “Potential Getaway Driver” (Loco Gnosis, 2007)

“A new video for an old song” reads a recent MySpace bulletin from Detroit’s surfedelic weirdos the Oscillating Fan Club. Okay, we’ll bite. And since their new album is the balls (the good kind of balls), we’re happy to showcase the clip for “Potential Getaway Driver” off of 2007’s Beatles Catting Wildly. Please observe, as time-lapse camera work shows speeding cars intermingling with kaleidoscope effects and hazy shots of the band doing what bands do…which is, ya know, rockin’ and shit. We’re not sure, but on the right kind of drugs, this is probably a whole lot better than playing “Grand Theft Auto.” — Ryan Allen

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