Posted by: Ryan Allen on August 1, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Duchess Says, Anthonlogie des 3 Perchoirs (Alien8 Recordings, 2008)

MP3: “Black Flag”

Philippe, Simon, Ismael, and Annie-C…that’s as close as it gets to being Canadian. Other than that, the song titles are the only things on this album that would give Duchess Says away as being from Quebec (other than the album title itself, that is). Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs is a very raw record, and not in a rookie kind of way. Annie-C does a good job of periodically switching between cute baby voice and piercing crazy woman mode — she appears about as passive/aggressive as humanly possible on “La Friche.” The basslines on most of th e songs in the album would make Trent Reznor blush (“Ccut Up”), and a slight essence of speed metal keeps the songs heavy, yet punk (“CH.O.B.” and “Gilbert”). Versatility is typically a good thing, and while the energy displayed on the album is borderline peerless (“Tenen No Neu” bursts at the seems), a little more cohesion between songs would have been nice. “A Century Old” and “Black Flag” are beautiful, and showcase the band’s universal sound, yet they almost don’t seem to fit on an album featuring a number of other almost experimental songs. Apparently, their live shows are intended to rock your face off, and if this album is any indication, it sounds like they’re at least halfway there. Not bad for a first swing. — Adam O’Connor

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Posted by: Ryan Allen on June 25, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Swiping their keyboards from Brainiac’s Hissing Prigs in the Static Couture and their vocal stabs from 1970s punk icons X-Ray Spex and the Adverts, Montreal’s Dutches Says squiggle and squeal their way through “Ccut Up” with a feverish flair. If the rest of their new album, Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs — to be released September Read more

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