Meet & Greet: Eskimo Kiss Records

I started it in Jan of 2000 as a vehicle to release my band, Pacer’s music. The story around starting it is pretty crazy actually; I went to Vegas and hit the jackpot on a quarter slot machine (no joke). So we used that money to release the Pacer CD, then shortly after a compilation of some of our favorite bands.


As Kim Ware tells it, starting a record label is as easy as having known or been in a few bands, and having access to a laptop and some stamps. Wait, it kind of is that easy. Eskimo Kiss, the imprint Ware runs out of her Wilmington, N.C. home (and computer), is an indie in the great tradition of that word — tiny but determined, a happily regional aesthetic, relationships Continue reading “Meet & Greet: Eskimo Kiss Records”

Meet & Greet: Dim Mak Records

It’s hard to be in a bad mood at our color-therapy-haven HQ, well, unless you’re moderately Vampire-y and from the underworld. Honestly, even then you could probably still hang, we don’t discriminate… Vampires, Zombies, Hipsters, Gremlins, Suits, and Chimney Sweeps are all welcome inside the Dim Mak gates.


Detour loves Dim Mak for a lot of things. (They held our hand once at the Star of the Sea dance in fifth grade, but that’s another story.) There’s the Deadly Syndrome, for one, and great releases in the label’s archives from the Von Bondies, No Knife, Panthers, and Soledad Brothers. (Remember their live set at the Gold Dollar in Detroit? Yow.) But now we love the Continue reading “Meet & Greet: Dim Mak Records”

Meet & Greet: Buddyhead Records

We have an office/recording studio/club house in North Hollywood. It’s pretty awesome as long as it’s not summertime… It can get a little hot in there. I think Aaron is trying to name it “Shabby Road” but I’ve coined it “Electric Lady Repellentland”.

The Buddyhead dudes are (in)famous for a lot of things. They turned us on to the Icarus Line, for one; they released a great two-disc label comp a few years back; and they make the Internet blow soda out its nose every time they issue a new round of “Buddyhead Gossip,” which delivers the antics, announcements, and embarrassing sexual information of a wealth of Continue reading “Meet & Greet: Buddyhead Records”

Meet & Greet: Asthmatic Kitty Records

Any staff with sociable dogs may bring them to work, so we usually have from three to five of them blocking the halls and doorways, barking at delivery persons, occasionally having an “accident”; In other words, very home-like.


Begun as a vessel for the releases of Sufjan Stevens, Asthmatic Kitty has become a home for a clutch of artists who share Stevens’ idiosyncratic, intuitive, esoteric pop sound. It’s not like they’re copy, uh, cats — it’s just that, like Stevens, AK artists such as Castanets, Liz Janes, and the incredible My Brightest Diamond work from a place where the brains are bigger. Is Continue reading “Meet & Greet: Asthmatic Kitty Records”