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Live Pics: The Long Blondes, Drug Rug, and Millions of Brazilians @ the Magic Stick, Detroit, MI – 5/23/08 …Continue Reading >>

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>>> The Mae Shi were, hands down, one of the best bands we saw at SXSW this year. So when we heard they’ll be taking their spazz-azzes out on the road this summer, our heads pretty much exploded into a …Continue Reading >>

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Mega Picture Post: Movement: Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival @ Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI – May 24-26 …Continue Reading >>

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Joan of Arc, Boo Human (Polyvinyl, 2008)

Listen: “Just Pack or Unpack”

“The future is gone and the past won’t stop happening,” Tim Kinsella wails on “9/11 2.” “Best friend I’ve ever had,” he sings at the outset of “Laughter Reflected Back.” “Worst fucking thing that ever happened to me.” Kinsella is nothing if not a prickly frontman, and for Joan of Arc‘s eighth proper studio album (there have …Continue Reading >>

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The New Year, “The End’s Not Near” (Touch & Go, 2008)

Bedhead were one of the, um, sleeper hits of the 1990s indie era, always finding new ways to work melodic, softly-toned songs into frothing post-rock anthems that somehow still featured whispered vocals. The New Year grew out of Bedhead, but hasn’t been that prolific. Nevertheless, the Kadane brothers are back, and as …Continue Reading >>

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The Wedding Present, El Rey (Manifesto, 2008)

Listen: “Santa Ana Winds”

The cover to the Wedding Present’s 1987 album George Best sure was striking, featuring the scraggly, red-shirted soccer (sorry, football) player of the same name. It was an album that would always cross our eager fingers when scouring record store vintage bins, snatching up anything that we thought “looked cool.” To be …Continue Reading >>

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It’s one thing to say you’re influenced by Os Mutantes, Shuggie Otis, Free Design, and Stereolab, but it’s another thing to actually pull it off. And though we have no idea what they’re saying — we got kicked out of …Continue Reading >>

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Supergrass, “Alright” (Capitol Records, 1995)

“We are young, we run free, we’ve got teeth, nice and clean.” Well, maybe not so much anymore, Gaz. Though we’re still not sure how we feel about Supergrass’ new Diamond Hoo Ha (though “345” is kind of the jam), nothing gets our blood pumping like this bouncy number off of their classic I Should Coco album. The video …Continue Reading >>

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South, You Are Here (Bluhammock, 2008)

Listen: “Better Things”

Coldplay’s new record is coming out, James Blunt is still a simp, and South wants a piece of that action. The UK group has been around for more than a minute — they put out a record, 2001’s From Here On In, on boutique label Mo’ Wax, as well as a few others here and there, none of which made a bit of difference in America. Now, with You Are Here‘s crisp, consistently melodic tones and softly delivered vocals, it’s pretty …Continue Reading >>

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Live Pics: A Benefit For Laura Rock f/ Electric Six, the Meatmen, SSM, Johnny Headband, and Carjack @ the Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac, MI – 5/23/08 …Continue Reading >>

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