Posted by: Anthony Morrow on March 4, 2009 at 12:15 pm

We can’t remember exactly who’s idea it was to turn the Donkey Wheel in the Detour Bivouac. For a while there it looked like “game over” for us. Regardless, after 3 months in Tunisia, we’ve reassembled the team and added a few “Others” to help us spread the mission of Detour.

Make no mistake. We’re going to keep on doing what we’ve always done: spit fire about pop culture with  irreverence, snark and wit. Except now, we’re expanding our coverage into areas such as food and nightlife. We’re going to give you weekly features, mixtapes, movies and record reviews to go along with daily news, profiles of local businesses, and listings to tip you off to what’s happening around the D. Eat this city? We’ve been taking big-ass bites for awhile now — care to join us?

Here’s a quick overview of who we’re bringing back to the island with us:

Ryan Allen will continue to ruffle feathers with his no-holds barred opinions on all the cool songs you stole from the Internet. You probably hate him, until you meet him, and then realize all the shit you talked about him on those blogs was really just presumptuous. He’s a nice guy.

Woodwards Friend closed down shop over at the Detroitist and now brings his venomous snark to the pages of Detour. His daily State of the State and his weekly Douche of the Week are sure to cause a stir. He’s fairly anonymous, but if you know who this guy is, it’s probably smart to buy his lunch or put yourself at risk of ending up as the focus of one of his rants.

Zan and Jana got nothing on Laura and D’Anne Witkowski, our resident twin towers when it comes to music and movie writing. They scribe for others around town, but they write for us, too, and we’re proud to have them along.

Adam O’Connor used to have more hair on his face than his head, but now he’s got a good balance going on — just like his music writing, which we’re sure you’ll find the right amount of naughty and nice.

Mike White is also back, with our daily film feature Stick It In Your Queue. Our resident movie geek will remind you of why Christian Slater ruled the 80s, why cowboys are much better when they are also androids, and that Eric Bana just doesn’t cut it as Dr. Bruce Banner.

Scott Bragg — no “er” in these parts — has been a part of popular multi-state music blog The Post Rockist for some time now. He’s the guy in the specs and the grandpa sweater, likes of Montreal more than you, and does one hell of a Morrissey impression whilst karaoking.

Elle Sawa, formerly of Detroit Riot, will be wo-manning our listings section, What’s Happening. WH will not just feature a list of 10,000 events like so many other sites. Each listing will feature a short write-up giving you some background on the event. As these listings grow, they’ll become more interactive with mp3s, video and links to related content.

Antal, Kristina, Lisa, Jack, Franco, and Sara (consider them our “Tailies”) are new to the crew. They will be busy churning out profiles and giving some much-needed props to Detroit’s independent and under-appreciated businesses.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Brandon White. He built our entire site from scratch. He also plants viruses in other people’s sites. He’s a talented and dangerous motherfucker. Hire him. Or he’ll hack your shit.

Expect a few updates this week as we ease back into things. Next week will be chock-full of daily content. We will have daily Blowout updates from Johnny Loftus who’s in town from Chicago covering the event. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into him on Jos. Campau, wearing a Steve-O mask and carrying a plastic bag full of Molson Canadian. No, not a plastic bag with a six-pack in it. We mean a bag with beer poured into it. That’s how we roll.


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