Posted by: Anthony Morrow on November 15, 2008 at 11:28 am

Monday night shows in the D are tough. Combine that with a shitty economy and chilly temps and you get a quarter-filled Stick regardless of a stellar lineup. Didn’t matter though; each act swung for the fences but we couldn’t help but wonder what this would’ve been like in the cozy confines of the Garden Bowl. The evening started out with Ann Arbor’s Charlie Slick and co. playing a glittery, confetti-filled set, warming up the crowd and perhaps pissing off the people at the Magic Stick who have to sweep after shows. Best Fwends left me talking with a bit of a speech impediment, not only because of their name but because I got smacked in the mouth with an inflatable gargoyle. They reminded me of Champions of Breakfast, minus the ridiculous outfits and with a surprising punk energy to make me tilt my head to the side and say, “hmmm, interesting.” More like Champions of Brunch. I may have danced a little, too. Brooklyn-based Matt and Kim (Detour faves, can you tell?) were phenomenal, so much so that I forgot that I paid $600 for new tires a few hours prior and got hit in the face with a giant gargoyle. Kim’s infectious smile and Matt’s nerdy stage banter didn’t hurt either.

— Elle Sawa

Pics: Sam Doyle

Pics: Bianca Garza

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