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If you were a fan of Sub Pop, Canadian rock music, Sonic Youth, or lo-fi albums that sounded like they were recorded with a four-track held together by some rubber bands and a couple of pipe-cleaners, then 90s-alt-punk band Eric’s Trip should not be unfamiliar to you. If you were busy listening to Smashmouth and Sugar Ray, however, let’s get you up to speed: Formed in 1990 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Eric’s Trip (who took their moniker from the Sonic Youth song of the same name) flourished under a haze of purple and blue colored lo-fi fuzz, and — like a lot of bands in the 90s — released tons of records, singles, and EPs for the likes of Sub Pop, Sonic Unyon, and Sloan’s Murderecords. What set them apart from the pack of plastic-y alternative bands aiming for buzz-bin gold, however, was their attempt to combine punk and metal’s scuzzy sludge with harmonizing male and female voices that sounded as sweet and precious as a newborn baby. Plus, the band didn’t need the hi-fi gloss; songs like “In The Garage,” “View Master” and “Girlfriend” — and classic albums like Love Tara, Forever Again, and Purple Blue — stood on their own without some Butch Vig-type mucking things up with a professional sheen. If you ask us, all these new bands now championing the lo-fi aesthetic — including No Age, the Thermals, and Times New Viking, to name but a few — would be nowhere without the influence of the almighty Eric’s Trip. And with connected bands like Elevator to Hell, Broken Girl, Moonsocket, and Purple Knight, Eric’s Trip were doing the whole multiple side-project thing way before the members of Wolf Parade made their first recorded howl.

With the band recently reformed at this year’s Sub Pop-curated SP20 Festival (something they’ve been doing on and off over the last few years) as well as the upcoming October release of Lost Wisdom — ET bassist/songwriter Julie Doiron’s new collaboration with Mount Eerie-dude/ex-Mircophone guy Phil Elverum — now would be as good a time as ever to release a documentary about the band, right? Well, we stumbled upon the above trailer clip of something called Video Show, a documentary that may or may not have been put together by Rick White, following the band’s career from 1990-1996. It’s advertised as coming out Summer 2008, but with not much info out there on the Interweb, we can only hope it sees the light of day. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer, and check out a couple of choice videos and live clips of the band over the years; as you’ll see, it’s been a helluva lo-fi trip. — Ryan Allen (Thanks to John Nelson for the tip!)

“Stove,” Love Tara (Sub Pop, 1993)

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“Girlfriend,” Forever Again (Sub Pop, 1995)

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“View Master,” Forever Again (Sub Pop, 1995)

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Live, Toronto, June, 2008

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