Posted by: Ryan Allen on June 4, 2008 at 5:00 pm

Love Vs Diamond, S/T (Epic Records, 2008)

Listen: “This Is Your Life”

Rock is not dead, even though the recent surge of blog-tronica on the Internets would have you think otherwise. Low Vs Diamond, a Los Angeles-based outfit, is well aware of this, and makes it a high priority to prove in their self-titled debut. Trite though it may be, Low Vs Diamond is a record that really, really wants you to like it, and it sets out to accomplish this task by offering forth guitar-driven, inoffensive songs about indiscriminate subject matter. Pretty, flowing tracks like “Don’t Forget Sister” waiver along the lines of Coldplay-ripping-off-Radiohead-ripping-off-U2, and others such as “This is Your Life,” play like some of the very best Blue Album-era Weezer cuts (or at least some of the better Phantom Planet tracks). Even the strange but mellow piano interlude that follows “Cinema Tonight” at the album’s centered crux is simultaneously lovely and intriguing. While no one will certainly ever accuse Low Vs Diamond of single-handedly resurrecting modern rock music, it can perhaps be credited with applying chest compressions, or at least driving the ambulance. — Emma Kat Richardson

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