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Nowadays Second Nature Recordings runs the gamut from the Midwestern post-everything metal fury of Coalesce to In the Pines’ deep-seated folk and chap book mysteries. But for Dan Askew the endeavor started out the way so many of these great independent imprints do, which of course was with little more than a zine, desire, and a network of friends and relationships. It’s been over a decade since he started, and almost as long since Functioning on Impatience, Coalesce’s debut for Second Nature. And guess what? That record still kills. — Thomas Rooker White

Who runs the label?
Dan Askew, myself.

Where is the label located? Describe your digs…
The label is located in the historic Crossroads art district, downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

How did the label get its start? Its name?
I started a zine while in high school that was also called Second Nature. A friend and I had an idea to release both of our zines together with a compilation CD of all the bands we’d interviewed and/or liked. Needless to say, compilations take forever to put together and although everything came out eventually, they didn’t all come out together like we’d initially hoped.

In the meantime, while waiting for all the bands to record their songs, I ended up releasing a CD compiling Coalesce’s 7”, demo tracks and a few unreleased live tracks, since they’d broken up. It was a fun experience releasing a record, and I guess you could say I was hooked. I started touring with Coalesce and started meeting bands while out on the road that I ended up releasing records for, and built many long-lasting relationships from those contacts over ten years ago. The rest is history.

How many releases do you issue a year, on average?
These days probably only about 4-6.

True or false: Digital downloads are okay, but 7″‘s are cooler…
Absolutely true. We just released a limited edition, screen-printed gatefold 7” for Coalesce. It felt good to do a project like that again.

Favorite label besides your own…
Are there any left?

Favorite record ever…
Bad Brains, Rock For Light

Favorite movie ever…
Pulp Fiction

Vegetarian or carnivore?

Your guiltiest pleasure. The thing no one would believe you watch, read, or listen to…
80’s music.

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