Posted by: Johnny Loftus on November 7, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Oh, those Canadians with their charming ways. They’re the only ones who could’ve made this show work. And while it previously appeared on Game Show Network here in the US, “Kenny Vs. Spenny” should get its proper due when it debuts on Comedy Central Nov. 18. (The network will air 10 episodes culled from seasons 1 – 4 and 10 brand new episodes.)

“K vs. S” is reality plus competition. but forget about “Survivor”: simply put, the show features two best friends in Toronto who live together and do stupid competitions with each other. “Who Can Drink More Beer?”, “Who Can Stay Naked the Longest?”, “First Guy to Get A Boner Loses”, “Who Can Live in a Van the Longest?” — unlike the stale challenges of scripted reality television, it’s the genuineness of these battles that are most compelling. Kenny Hotz is the bad breath-having, openly-cheating jerk you love to hate against his buddy Spencer “Spenny” Rice, a naïve mamma’s boy who always tries his hardest. It’s good versus evil, or “The Odd Couple” with more farting and man-ass.

Comedy Central’s version of “K Vs. S” will be edited for content, but it should still cause laughs and gags. Do you think the network will allow Kenny to tell Spenny that he looks like “David Schwimmer with Down’s Syndrome?” Because he sort of does, and it’s about the funniest thing ever. What about that other season 1 episode where Kenny locks Spenny in a soundproof room for a day, and when he emerges Spenny throws his day-old shit and piss in Kenny’s face? The network should really air that, because it’s TV gold. (We’d like to see someone on “Shot at Love” throw shit in Tila Tequila’s face.)

Despite the teetotaling nature of American TV, cable still has fun with shows like “The Sarah Silverman Program,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and even “Nip/Tuck.” “Kenny vs. Spenny” is technically reality programming, but it’s really just another outlet for the juvenile humor, vomiting, dry heaving, burning, burping, and nudity that we all crave. What’s a little good, painful fun between friends? – Shannon McCarthy

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  1. Taylor Blue on November 26th, 2007 9:41 pm

    I love Kenny vs Spenny…its a highlight of my week…and yes I’m a girl!! I love them!

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