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Low leader Alan Sparhawk began Chairkickers Union as medium for his own band, but the imprint’s catalog has grown to include releases from mostly Minnesota-area pals like Rivulets, Cars & Trucks, The Keepaways, and If Thousands. As you can see in the photo above and as Sparhawk describes in our Meet & Greet below, he runs the label from his dining room table. As for the digital vs. vinyl debate, continuing to rage via our recurring feature, Sparhawk takes the evenhanded stance that some things just sound better on vinyl, particularly when you already have them. Alec Empire? We always thought he was a computer. But it’s a good point. — Thomas Rooker White

Who runs the label?

I guess it’s me. I get a lot of help from the bands.

Where is the label located? Describe your digs…
The dining room table.

How did the label get its start? Its name?
We wanted to put out Low’s Christmas CD in a simple, self-contained way. It went well, so we started putting out stuff some friends were doing. The name has been floating around the Low camp since we started; it’s a reference to that frustrating moment most people have had.

How many releases do you issue a year, on average?
At the most three or four. Lately, I’m trying to be more frugal.

True or false: Digital downloads are okay, but 7″‘s are cooler…
True. I built up a pretty good pile of 7″‘s through the 1990s, some of them true gems that just wouldn’t be the same on the computer (Alec Empire’s “The Peak,” Surface of the Earth, Inca Eyeball, etc.)

Favorite label besides your own…

Favorite record ever…
T. Rex, Electric Warrior

Favorite movie ever…

Vegetarian or carnivore?
Carnivore. I was veg for 2 years, but wasn’t smart; I got sick.

Your guiltiest pleasure. The thing no one would believe you watch, read, or listen to…
My favorite newspaper comic is “The Family Circle.” There’s a Barbara Streisand live record from the 1970s that I know all the words to…

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