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Canada’s Endearing Records has been trucking along for 13 years now, along the way having released tons of great music from Julie Doiron, Destroyer, and the Heavy Blinkers, amongst others. It sounds like, lately anyway, Heather and Blair from the label have been dealing not only with putting out awesome records, but also raising their daughter and establishing a publishing arm for the imprint. Blair, who answered our questions, also has one of the more equitable takes on the digital downloads vs. vinyl debate that we’ve heard in awhile. Read all about it. — Thomas Rooker White

Who runs the label?

Heather and Blair

Where is the label located? Describe your digs…
Home office. Heather has the cramped downstairs basement room with no windows, while I have the airy upstairs loft which doubles as a sleeping area.

How did the label get its start? Its name?
1995, 3 people, only one of them still here, deciding to release music from our friends. we raised money for a blue 7″ and after 40 days of various names settled on Endearing for some reason.

How many releases do you issue a year, on average?
Depends on the year. Lately we’ve been busy with a number of things, including a daughter and starting two publishing companies (Endearing Publishing and Bearsuit Publishing), so we’ve only released a few full-lengths like Julie Doiron and Paper Moon, plus one single from Jenn Grant.

True or false: Digital downloads are okay, but 7″‘s are cooler…
Can’t we just all get along…there’s benefits to both. Yes, it’s nice to have something tactile, but it’s a also a headache to change 7″‘s every two minutes when you have friends over. Plus, on a commerce side, digital just has so much more potential for artists to actually get paid. Say what you want about Apple, but they pay their bills, unlike several indie distributors who have carried 7″‘s for us. Both kick the crap out of waiting 17 reloads for MySpace to finally play a fucking song.

Favorite label besides your own…
Right now? I can’t say that I’m listening to stuff coming from any one label, seems to be spread out right now. I do love that new Sea Wolf record, and am looking forward to the new Helen Love full-length.

Favorite record ever…
The first two Magnetic Fields records; Mutton Birds, Salty; Beach Boys, Pet Sounds; Belle & Sebastian, Boy With the Arab Strap; Destroyer, City of Daughters; Bonaduces, Democracy of Sleep; The Bats, Couchmaster; Bjork, Dancer in the Dark soundtrack; and Sigur Ros’s first set of EPs and album. Sea Wolf might move onto this list in a year or two, and I’m sure I’m missing several other albums.

Favorite movie ever…
Dazed and Confused, Lost in Translation, Barcelona, City of Lost Children, etc. Since university, my movie-going has suffered immensely.

Vegetarian or carnivore?
Vegetarian all the way. Endearing used to include veg recipes in our newsletters back in 1996.

Your guiltiest pleasure. The thing no one would believe you watch, read, or listen to…
Right now I have all the “Dora the Explorer” episodes committed to memory, but then your child is either part of the cult or not. I also devoir Ian Rankin books but have issues considering them anything near serious, so I guess that would be consumed in secrecy.

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