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THE PIPETTES, Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me (Cherrytree/Interscope)
The Internet’s had a crush on the Pipettes for over a year, following a cotillion in their native UK that caused a lot of critical blather and more than a few blanket proclamations that the girl group revolution had finally arrived. Girl group revolution? Were we waiting for one of those? The girl group sound was and still is great. For proof, check out Rhino’s spectacular 2005 box set One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found.

But now that the Pipettes are finally getting around to hitting on America with this pre-album EP (their debut full-length will finally see US shelves in August), it’s worth noting that they aren’t the revolution of anything, but rather a nice bit of fun for the summer months. And that’s probably how they want it, anyway. Revolutions are too messy. “Your Kisses are Wasted on Me” is charming with its 1960s flavors and hand-on-hip sass. Its handclaps and foot stomps are a dream; it’s sort of like a British Exciters fronting the Dave Clark Five. “I Love You” is more notable for its bubbly and impatient backing vocals – if anything, Rosay, Gwenno, and Becki will bring back the love for harmonies and backing vocals. And “Guess Who Ran off with the Milkman” is strong too, showing a steelier side to the Pipettes sound, less sleepover and more sleepless nights. Who knows if they’ll be able to sustain the hype over here; Internet crushes are notoriously fickle. But revolutionary or not, Your Kisses are Wasted on Me is a summer stunner for sure.

Johnny Loftus


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