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SimpsonsB.jpg Twentieth Century Fox, USA Today, and The Simpsons Movie, which seems like it might be a bit stale, since it’s arriving in theaters after approximately 700 seasons of the cartoon franchise that spawned it, but whatever, has announced the chance for Springfields across America to determine which is the best burg once and for all in a no holds barred, city vs. city match-up the likes of which haven’t been seen since Thebes defeated Sparta in 371 B.C.

The winner gets to host a Simpsons Movie premiere on July 26th; the rest must change their city’s name to Loserfield.

From the press release: “Each participating Springfield will have approximately 30 days to submit a short film, 3-5 minutes long, showcasing the community’s “Simpson Spirit.” Entrants should send their films to: The Simpson’s Movie Springfield Challenge, Attn: Gwyne Ortiz, Twentieth Century Fox, 10201 W. Pico Blvd., 88/3023, Los Angeles, CA 90035. Shortly thereafter, the films will be posted on – at which time visitors to the site can vote for their favorite entry. The ‘polls’ close July 9 and the winning city will be announced on or about July 10.” It goes on to list some of the participating Springfields: Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Kentucky, Nebraska, Colorado, Louisiana, and Vermont (Township). – Thomas Rooker White

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