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EL TOPO (Alejandro Jodorowsky, Mexico, 1970)
If not the granddaddy of cult films, El Topo is at least the progenitor of Midnight Movies, that strain of micro-genre or weirdo niche art films best enjoyed at the witching hour. El Topo is the bastard son of the Spaghetti Western and French performance art spectacle, Read more

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FIERY FURNACES, Widow City (Thrill Jockey, 2007)
Listen: “Ex-Guru”

Everyone goes pop eventually. Nearly designated to the irrelevance pile by the Internet tastemakers (only nearly, because you know they were at home jamming Blueberry Boat all by their lonesome), but almost asked for it by releasing a record of deranged collabos with their Read more

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We usually go around saying the ninth track on any given album is the awesomest, our backup being “Supreme Nothing” on Tiger Trap’s 1993 self-titled for K. But for Aaron Hartley, generalissimo of Theory 8 Records, it’s the eighth song that’s always supposed Read more

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Read more

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Let’s see, an irritable cocoon woman, and a man dressed as a butterfly. This will end badly. It doesn’t, depending on your definition of badly. But on their recent self-titled for the DFA, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn do manage to transform gobs of disconnected Read more

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With its Freudian references, multiple allusions to wanking, and adoration for/explosion of the black and white divisions of 1950s and 60s romance, Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop” was a little more ambitious than the average third single from a hit pop record in 1983-4. And while its mechanized pink production has dated the song a little, the rhythmic grind is still a great foil for Lauper’s hoots and love snorts on the mic. When she tumbles into the Read more

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Bradford Cox, recently of Deerhunter fame, will issue his solo debut as Atlas Sound via Kranky in February 2008. The indie artist is really hoping the soft textures and odd detours of his Atlas Sound work will finally knock Alicia Keys’ slinky, modern soul out of the top spot.

Sandra Bullock seems nice and all. And we’re suckers for brunettes who can ham it up. But in many ways she’s also the female Ben Affleck — one or two big movies followed by a bunch of flaws, bumps, and flops. (Forces of Nature? With Affleck? Uh…) And yet she’s number six on this list of highest-paid female actresses, along with a few other head-scratchers. Also, does anyone have Reeses’s phone number?

What is Zooey doing? Anna Friels is okay, but Deschanel really should have been the lead in “Pushing Daisies,” instead of getting caught up in SciFi Network mucking up The Wizard of Oz.

Shia LaBeouf: “Cage is my Jake LaMotta.”

News Dump is compiled by Thomas Rooker White. Last night he pulled a Pete Wentz.

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SWOD, Sekunden (City Center Offices, 2007)
Listen: “Ja”

What If George Winston’s Seasons albums were reinterpreted by Radiohead circa Kid A? Swod has more going on than that. But with rich, contemplative notes of piano up front and leading on songs like “Ja” and “Montauk” and enouraged along by the slightest electronic rustle, like a lightbulb’s filament quietly losing its life, Swod should get used to Read more

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Aquarium Drunkard has recently been pimping out stuff from Band of Horses, the new Plant/Krauss collabo, and up-and-coming recordings from Portland’s Shaky Hands, who the site decribes as “perky, jangly, rough and the edges college rock.” If that phrase doesn’t nail the zeitgeist of unkempt bands making moves in Web 2.0, then we don’t know what does. Anyway, it’s a one-stop shop for a lot of this stuff Read more

Posted by: Johnny Loftus on November 29, 2007 at 5:00 pm

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INXS’s dinner parties were the place to be for the young and decadent; they had everything, from Michael Hutchence’s famous Mick Jagger impersonation to a dining table full of delicacies both awesome and gross. (Grossome.) There would be revelry, and Read more

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