Posted by: Ryan Allen on August 27, 2008 at 11:00 am

Lackthereof, Your Anchor (Barsuk, 2008)

MP3: “Fire Trial”

The first thing you should know about Lackthereof: it’s Danny Seim, the drummer from Menomena. That’s probably enough to get some of you interested.

But unless “Rotten Hell” was your one and only favorite song from Menomena’s critically acclaimed Friend and Foe, you’re going to have to judge Lackthereof on its own laurels. On Your Anchor, Seim solo delivers none of the herky-jerky experimentation that Menomena is known for, offering instead a batch of gloomy, sedate, and (truth be told) kind of creepy odes to losing at love, whether by chance or by choice. Seim plays all the instruments on the album and does a particularly masterful job with his touches of guitar over looping beats. The slide guitar interludes of “Fire Trial” sound like they’re coming from a warped 1970s country record playing in the corner of the room — you can almost see the turntable needle raising and falling on the misshapen vinyl disc. “Last November” is a dark highway drama that includes the album’s catchiest chorus and its most representative lyric (“As always, I’ll assure you, It’s the last time that I’ll leave you. Until next week, if not sooner, I’ll at least wait, till after dinner.”). Not much of an anchor, huh? Dark, dreamy, and disturbing, this is music just begging to be used in an upcoming David Lynch film. — Scotter Bragg

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