Posted by: Ryan Allen on June 26, 2008 at 11:00 am

If you’ve already downloaded it, you pretty much know that The Slip is Nine Inch Nails’ strongest collection of electro power jams since, well, that “Perfect Drug” song was all over MTV. Since Trent Reznor has become the Goth/Industrial version of Ian McKaye and Thurston Moore — giving shit away for free, taking cool bands like Deerhunter on tour — it’s not surprising that he’s doing something special for the official physical release of The Slip, giving you more bang for your buck. The CD version of the album comes out July 22, is limited to 250,000 copies worldwide, and contains a DVD featuring footage for the band’s upcoming tour, as well as a 24-page booklet and sticker pack (stickers!!!). A gatefold vinyl version of the album comes out August 5. So now you can slip it in three ways…just the tip, halfsies, or all the way. — Ryan Allen

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