Posted by: Ryan Allen on June 24, 2008 at 12:30 pm

Ever wander into your favorite bar, order up a Budweiser or a Redheaded Slut, or whatever you people drink these days, and think to yourself, “Man, I could really go for some 60s-influenced pop, preferably produced by that Danger Mouse guy, with Beck singing all the songs”? Well, thanks to TouchTunes — the “largest out of home interactive entertainment network” ever (we think?) — you can have it all. The network is previewing Beck’s new Modern Guilt in countless bars, restaurants, and retailers via their digital jukeboxes on July 1 — a week before the album’s release on DGC/Interscope Records, July 8. So now you can listen to the new Beck before or after you and your buddies sing along to your favorite Billy Joel and Nickelback songs. Hooray!

Also, stream three Modern Guilt songs –”Orphans,” “Gamma Ray,” and the already released “Chemtrails” — on something called iLike that we haven’t quite figured out yet.

– Ryan Allen

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