Posted by: Johnny Loftus on June 10, 2008 at 9:00 am

Champions of Breakfast, Pleasure Mountain (Self-Released, 2008)

Listen: “Power of Glove”

Their shlock level is at yellow, with a significant risk of attack by flavor of the month. But give Champions of Breakfast a chance. After all, hearing them sing about sex acts on stages isn’t any dumber than someone like Ludacris saying it. They’re nowhere near Luda on Pleasure Mountain. But on their full-length debut, Champions of Breakfast do have Nintendo all over their bodies. Their ROM Pack ditties are draped with references to the 1980s video game platform, but also drip with loopy sexual innuendo. They want to meet girls who look like that kid from “Zelda.” They want to meet girls who ride on unicorns. Or maybe they’re just on a quest for partners-in-nookie who prefer the touch of the Power Glove to that of an IRL human hand. By the time you get to “Unicorn Bible” and its suggestion of a D&D threesome, you’ve stopped trying to discern what’s shlock and what’s not. Why bother, since it’s easier to get fucked up and laugh to Champions of Breakfast’s totally tinny racket. “After our campaign has come to an end, we can re-enact battles with all our friends.” Do they make 20-sided dildos? — Johnny Loftus

Champions of Breakfast play Rock City Thursday, June 12, at 12:30 am in the Magic Stick.

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