Posted by: Johnny Loftus on June 9, 2008 at 1:00 pm

The Pop Project, Stars of Stage and Screen (Suburban Sprawl/Quack! Media, 2008)

Listen: “Totally Awesome”

It seems that, with our inevitable rush toward a universal outbreak of attention deficit disorder, that bands have forgotten so many parts to their songs. They’re just not there. The bridges, the sax breaks, the prechoruses and postchoruses and choruses returning in the twilight of a song, adorned in the regalia of harmonies, xylophones, and the soft hush before the big finish. Bands have forgotten that songs can be twleve-story epics. The Pop Project has finally dropped its debut of sorts, Stars of Stage and Screen, and after years of watching these guys blast the walls of low-ceilinged Detroit live music hangs with spit balls shaped like sweet pop hooks and laughs, it’s nice to hear these songs sequenced like some kind of K-TEL tour through Beatlesque, bubblegum, bash and tumble garage-pop, a little bit of 1980s comedy-style keyboard pop, and a whole lot of horn sections, swanky percussion (“Stand In”? Smooooth…), chimey guitar breakdowns, and voices full of the vigor that says “We love records, we love great bands, we love songs with a bunch of parts.” And in the hands of the Pop Project, each part is undoubtedly more fun than the last. They’re the bugs you want to hug. — Johnny Loftus

The Pop Project play Rock City Saturday, June 14, at 4:20 pm at the CAID BBQ.

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