Posted by: Ryan Allen on May 30, 2008 at 3:00 pm

>>> Fat Bobby, Kid Millions, and Baby Jane — a.k.a. Brooklyn’s psyche-fuzz maestros Onedia — are touring this August, which is pretty cool. Even cooler: On June 13 and 14, the band is performing their excellent The Wedding in it’s entirety at New York venue the Kitchen. Also, expect a new album out in August on Jagjaguwar. (via Pitchfork)

>>> Newsflash: Sunny Day Sets Fire is not — we repeat, is NOT — an emo super-group containing members of Sunny Day Real Estate and Boy Sets Fire. Instead they are a self-described “surreal pop group” (what the fuck does that mean?) from London, England. Their new album, Summer Palace, comes out July 8th, via IAMSOUND Records.

>>> We’re not really sure what Apollo Sunshine sound like, but they have a great promo shot of them standing outside of an airplane, sporting some serious beards, holding double-necked guitars. So, using this as evidence, we’re going to guess they sound like the The Allman Brothers Band circa 1971. Their third album, Shall Noise Upon, is out September 2nd on Headless Heroes.

>>> San Diego-based melodramatic popular song artist Rafter is releasing his Sweaty Magic EP September 9 on Asthmatic Kitty. Not really sure what this dude sounds like either; we just wanted to type the words Sweaty Magic.

>>> It ain’t no secret; Secretly Canadian is just killing it right now. Throw Me the Statue, Windsor For the Derby, Music Go Music, Bodies of Water; all awesome bands. And now Silverlake jangle-poppsters Foreign Born have joined their ranks. Damn! And we thought nobody put records out anymore! (via

>>> “Snake-Charming the Masses”; “Eastern Europe”; “Rooiboos/Palm Wine Drinkard”… either these are plot-lines for the next Borat movie, or somebody has been on a serious Live circa-“Lakini’s Juice” kick these days. Oh, they’re song titles from the new Stills album, Oceans Will Rise, out August 19 on Arts&Crafts? Okay then. (via

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