Posted by: Ryan Allen on April 30, 2008 at 3:16 pm

>>> Lindsay Lohan is reportedly working on a new album, one that will feature a collaboration with Snoop Dogg. If she’s having trouble staying off drugs now, we can only imagine what will happen when the Doggfather shows up to the studio stocked with that indo weed. They gonna get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! (via

>>> We like to joke around here at the Daily Fix, but when Radiohead make a video this poignant and beautiful, you just shut your mouth and post a link. So here it is, Radiohead’s new video for “All I Need.” (via Stereogum)

>>> If you dressed like Mr. Spock and lived in San Diego in the mid-90s, you were probably all about the VSS. The highly influential art-punk band is re-releasing their breakthrough album Nervous Circuits, with a bunch of bonus shiz that is sure to make you break out your flood pants and start spazzing out. If you ever wondered where the Faint got their sound from, look no further than these cats. Nervous Circuits comes out May 20 on Hydra Head Records.

>>> The Fiery Furnaces — headed by those Friedberger weirdos — are releasing a double live album in late August called Remember. So, uh, come “late August” remember that they are releasing a double live album, then buy it, we guess.

>>> If you’ve never seen Les Savy Fav live, it might be of interest then that singer Tim Harrington is one of the best performers around (we’ve seen him dress up like a cat, tye-dye himself on stage, and almost die countless times, amongst other feats). Though you can’t see ‘em, you can at least hear the chaos, as LSF are streaming their new live album, After the Balls Drop, over at Spinner. Check it out, and peep live covers by Nirvana, the Pixies, and the Misfits. Rage!

>>> English post-punks Bloc Party are hitting the states in July, August, and September for some scattered dates. Yawn. (via

>>> If you had a jealous girlfriend, wouldn’t it be great to sick a sea wolf on her, just to show her what’s up? Seems Sea Wolf and the Jealous Girlfriends had a similar idea, as they are going out on tour together from May 22 to June 20. Check the dates here.

>>> E News Daily reports that an “Office” spin-off will hit the air sometime soon. No real evidence on what character will get the bump, but let’s just hope that this will be better than “Joey.” (via

>>> Yep, Another boring day. We leave you with this: a bear riding a horse. (via Best Week Ever)

The Daily Fix is compiled every day by Ryan Allen. He wonders, “What if there was a boy that swam faster than a shark?”

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