Posted by: Johnny Loftus on January 31, 2008 at 4:00 pm

There were approximately 8 million records released in 2007. We couldn’t possibly cover them all, and there were plenty we felt bad about not getting to. Here’s another notable ’07 title that slipped through the cracks. — The Detour Editors

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Control (Rhino, 2007)

When the initial bits of footage from Anton Corbijn’s Control started to leak in advance of the film’s release, it just seemed so…bleak. The story of Joy Division’s rise and fall and its fateful frontman Ian Curtis is a sad one, after all. But the band’s 1979 masterpiece Unknown Pleasures would not remain an inspiration to so many were it not for the light it hoped for at the end of a long and foggy tunnel, and it’s the same with Corbijn’s brilliant soundtrack to his film. Combining Joy Division classics (“Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Dead Souls”) with new music from New Order (their pieces for the film are haunting, and glimmer with a sense of both tribute and loss) and a wealth of tracks from artists who, as Corbijn says in his liners, inspired Joy Division themselves — David Bowie (“Drive in Saturday”), the Buzzcocks (a live version of “Boredom”) — Control becomes the opposite of the bleakness that has to exist at its heart: it becomes hopeful, because it sounds so. Music sounds better in black and white. — Johnny Loftus

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