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Steve Aoki, Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles (Dim Mak/Thrive, 2007)

Listen: Bloc Party “Helicopter (Weird Science Remix feat. Peaches)”

Ten years ago, Steve Aoki was the vocalist in a hardcore/spazz-metal band who had just started the fledgling imprint Dim Mak, a label known more for having a cool name than for any of the records they’d actually released. But that was then, and this is the neon-colored now. We’re living in an age when anyone with a PowerBook and an OutKast record calls themselves a DJ, but Aoki is among the best of the new indie DJs, as well as putting out first shots from Bloc Party and Battles on Dim Mak, appearing in Pepsi commercials, and partying with Lindsay Lohan. How’d he get here, you ask? It’s not the headband or the fingerless gloves, although those help.

This isn’t right-place-right-time, or even who you know. Rather, it’s Aoki’s uncanny ability to know how to get the party started, which he’s been doing as DJ Kid Millionaire around the world with an intensity unmatched by most of the young entrepreneurs in his business. Now he’s gone and gotten all up on wax himself, compiling this mix album of electro-dance-indie-hipster shizz laced with famous friends (Spank Rock, Kid Sister, and types from the Faint and Hot Hot Heat amongst them) and his usual brand of genre-twisting enthusiasm. There’s a Refused song for the rock kids, a Klaxons jam for the nu-rave hipsters, and Justice and Peaches for the pop-n-lockers. (And probably the bloggers, too.) It’s all here, and its all Aoki-approved. All that’s missing is an Olsen twin and some nose candy, but if you need either of those, just check the bathroom at Kid Millionaire’s next DJ gig. — Ryan Allen

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