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Various Artists, Kitsune Maison Compilation 4 (Kitsune, 2007)

Listen: Feist “My Moon My Man (Boyz Noize Classic Mix)”

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you know that youth all over the continent love three things: They love horrifyingly tight designer jeans, they love to get wasted, and they love dance parties. Even if you find yourself at the most hard-rockingest of rock shows, the kids can’t wait until the band is done so they can hit the floor and dance their skinny little asses off.

In fact, the strobe-lit shit is so popular in Europe that everybody’s getting into the act, including Parisian fashion label Kitsune, who along with producing preppy-hipster couture has begun releasing compilations for the people who wear their clothes to do dance and drugs to. This, the outfit’s fourth, is predictably heavy on that grimy-electro the tweakers go batshit for, with acts such as the Whip, Riot in Belgium, Dragonette and Boys Noize all doing their best to prove that Daft Punk are the Beatles of electronic music. Elsewhere there are rumblings of real rock bands — with guitars and everything! — and that diversifies things a bit, but even those tracks function within accepted dance party parameters. The Rapture-meets-Battles rubber rock of Foals sits nicely alongside James Chance-devotees Punks Jump Up, but Whitey’s attempt to jack LCD’s soundsystem comes off as slightly desperate. In fact, it all seems a bit dated, so much so that you might worry if all of Paris thinks it’s still 2001 and that Brooklyn is the proverbial promised land of dance music, punk rock, and the skinny-legged, titty-baring androgynes that musical marriage spawned. But those Europeans, they could care less. They’re too busy looking good and having a blast, while we worry about electing the next president or some bullshit. Party ’til you puke, Frenchies! — Ryan Allen

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