Posted by: Johnny Loftus on January 30, 2008 at 4:00 pm

Detour is curing the beginning-of-the-year blahs with a look at the 2007 releases that never quite made it to the top of our stacks, stuck around longer than usual, or are still notable even long after their release date. There’s still such a thing as staying power, even in this minute-to-minute existence. — The Detour editors

Oh No, Dr. No’s Oxperiment (Stones Throw, 2007)

Psychedelic funk from Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, and Italian source material! Cut and sliced bits of harpsicord, and men moaning in tongues! Some actually funky guitar (check “No Guest List”), and flights of horns! Stones Throw producer Oh No (aka Michael Jackson, brother of Otis “Madlib” Jackson) is a surgical crate digger for sure, making his new instrumental record exclusively from the above stuff plus beats engineered and added. There are 28 tracks, but none even hit the two-minute mark; instead, they’re brief studies, or vignettes, or a series of introductions, segues, and finales for a conventional album that will never be made. It doesn’t have to be. Some of these selections tease — they end way too abruptly, or get into your head only to disappear. But his limited sourcing keeps the set on track, while his talent for cutting, pasting, and producing makes it all pretty enjoyable. — Johnny Loftus

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