Posted by: Johnny Loftus on December 22, 2007 at 10:21 am

Justus Kohncke, “Feuerland/Parage” (Kompakt, 2007)

The A-side of this digital single (well, it’s also a 12″) from German producer Justus Kohncke is a cover of Neu! founder and releaser of many sleekly modernist electronic solo albums Michael Rother’s “Feuerland,” and honestly it doesn’t sound that different. The lingering tones in Rother’s original feel more sensual, more organic, but that’s just like saying an old royal blue BMW 5-Series from the early 1970s has more character than the prowling ’08 version. They’re both all class. Plus, Kohncke handles the motorik beat with a coolly blunt edge that differentiates the track’s melodic bell curve.

Kohncke’s restraint on his “FEUERLAND” is admirable, almost reverent, especially considering the B-side, a gem of buttery and effortless disco revivalism. He applies a techno/electro touch in the subtler parts, but even those are kissed with plush disco strings. It’s a great holdover until Safe and Sound drops from Kompakt in late January ’08, especially since your girlfriend can dance to “Parage.” — Johnny Loftus

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