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SWOD, Sekunden (City Center Offices, 2007)
Listen: “Ja”

What If George Winston’s Seasons albums were reinterpreted by Radiohead circa Kid A? Swod has more going on than that. But with rich, contemplative notes of piano up front and leading on songs like “Ja” and “Montauk” and enouraged along by the slightest electronic rustle, like a lightbulb’s filament quietly losing its life, Swod should get used to the heroic R-Head comparisons.

Oliver Doerell and Stephen Wohrmann, the two composers and musicians behind Swod, never move anything beyond piano, electronic crackle, and the occasional human voice. The latter, like on “Ja” or “Patinage,” has been rendered beyond conversation or even words; it’s just the hushed tones of a woman who sounds irritated but could just easily be the soothing whispers of a lover close by. It’s not important, since the music as a whole is what gives Sekunden its mood. If there were forests of fiber-optic trees with monofilament for leaves, this would be the album piped in as Muzak for the trails. — Johnny Loftus

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