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Bradford Cox, recently of Deerhunter fame, will issue his solo debut as Atlas Sound via Kranky in February 2008. The indie artist is really hoping the soft textures and odd detours of his Atlas Sound work will finally knock Alicia Keys’ slinky, modern soul out of the top spot.

Sandra Bullock seems nice and all. And we’re suckers for brunettes who can ham it up. But in many ways she’s also the female Ben Affleck — one or two big movies followed by a bunch of flaws, bumps, and flops. (Forces of Nature? With Affleck? Uh…) And yet she’s number six on this list of highest-paid female actresses, along with a few other head-scratchers. Also, does anyone have Reeses’s phone number?

What is Zooey doing? Anna Friels is okay, but Deschanel really should have been the lead in “Pushing Daisies,” instead of getting caught up in SciFi Network mucking up The Wizard of Oz.

Shia LaBeouf: “Cage is my Jake LaMotta.”

News Dump is compiled by Thomas Rooker White. Last night he pulled a Pete Wentz.

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