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We usually go around saying the ninth track on any given album is the awesomest, our backup being “Supreme Nothing” on Tiger Trap’s 1993 self-titled for K. But for Aaron Hartley, generalissimo of Theory 8 Records, it’s the eighth song that’s always supposed to be the jam. Or at least that theory was reasonable enough to name his imprint after. Theory 8 has a roster of solid indie acts including the cool and likely about to be known by you Forget Cassettes, and seems to be puttering along happily in an era when creativity and the desire to do something are both enabled by this colorful thing we call the Internet. Here’s Hartley, live from his house in Nashville — Thomas Rooker White

Who runs the label?
Aaron Patrick Hartley is the sole employee, president, share holder, and board member.

Where is the label located? Describe your digs…
Nashville, Tenn. The office is in my house.

How did the label get its start? Its name?
I started in 2000 after graduating from college. I decided to release an album by a local band from Nashville. I’ve released 14 more records since then. The name came from a joke my freshman roommate and I had going that the 8th song on any album is always the best. It was our theory that’s been proven wrong on many, many occasions.

How many releases do you issue a year, on average?
One or two. Due to the fact that I’m the only person handling everything, I try not to commit to too many projects for fear that I won’t be able to properly promote them all.

True or false: Digital downloads are okay, but 7″‘s are cooler…
I actually went through all of my old 7″‘s this weekend and thought would be cool to release a few. They’ll always be cooler. Cool packaging, color vinyl, limited edition. Last time I checked, you can’t hand number and package a digital download.

Favorite label besides your own…
Matador, Merge, Dischord…I’ve been following those for years now.

Favorite record ever…
Ugh, Bon Jovi, New Jersey?

Favorite movie ever…
The Three Amigos
Vegetarian or carnivore?
Meat eater. Sorry.

Your guiltiest pleasure. The thing no one would believe you
watch, read, or listen to…
I love Elvis Presley. See attached photo.

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