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Aquarium Drunkard has recently been pimping out stuff from Band of Horses, the new Plant/Krauss collabo, and up-and-coming recordings from Portland’s Shaky Hands, who the site decribes as “perky, jangly, rough and the edges college rock.” If that phrase doesn’t nail the zeitgeist of unkempt bands making moves in Web 2.0, then we don’t know what does. Anyway, it’s a one-stop shop for a lot of this stuff, plus the writing’s nice. It also sounds like AD might’ve hit the big time, as a Drunkard segment has been added to the Spring 2008 lineup of SIRIUS Radio’s eager but flawed “Left of Center” program. (It’s like a blog on the radio! On Satellite! My head exploded!) Here’s Justin “Aquarium Drunkard” Gage’s Meet & Greet now. We pray for a Kendra sighting soon out there in LA. — Thomas Rooker White

Where are you based in real life?
I’m originally from Atlanta, but my wife and I moved to Los Angeles six years ago. She’s a screenwriter, and with my being in music, L.A. makes a lot of sense. We live in the Los Feliz neighborhood.

How did the site get its start? Its name?
The site began roughly three years ago as a way to discuss what I was listening to, at the time, with a small group of friends. I had just downloaded Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos and somehow the line “I am an American aquarium drinker” got stuck in my head. Hence, An Aquarium Drunkard.

Does the nature of what you do make you hate the phone / human contact?
Nope, I’m constantly around other people for work; blogging is just one aspect of what I do.

List your must-checks every morning (read: what’s in your RSS feed)…
Related to music, the websites listed on my blogroll.

Favorite blog/website besides your own…
Soul Sides

Favorite record of all time…
Really? Wow. Not, sure but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t recorded after 1978.

Favorite movie of all time…
Favorite film of the past two decades is Billy Bob Thornton’s Sling Blade. The new southern gothic.

Favorite TV show of all time…
A tie between “The Wire”/”Twin Peaks”

Your guiltiest pleasure. The thing no one would believe you watch, read, or listen to…
“The Girls Next Door.” So trashy, yet so good.

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