Posted by: Johnny Loftus on November 29, 2007 at 5:00 pm

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INXS’s dinner parties were the place to be for the young and decadent; they had everything, from Michael Hutchence’s famous Mick Jagger impersonation to a dining table full of delicacies both awesome and gross. (Grossome.) There would be revelry, and of course stuffing of the face.

And then the band would go a little crazy, and start blaring away on their instruments in their pegged pants and waist jackets. Best part of this clip? At around 1:30 when the saxophone player gets the party’s jam session started. He’s really into that shit, laying on his back and hurling those brassy notes right into the sky. (Or at least an all-white room.) The guitarist backs him up, and then the bassist, and then the drummer, and then the keyboard guy, who has to try and look cool hitting two notes. “I could play this keyboard on my back like that sax jackass too,” he thinks. “But I wouldn’t want to get my perfectly-slicked weave unkempt.” Then it’s time for a little more Jagger-in-a-bolero hamming from Hutchence, and the gluttony finale of INXS’s new romantic dinner soiree. Later, Adam Ant arrived with an entourage. Fisticuffs ensued. — Johnny Loftus


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