Posted by: Johnny Loftus on October 31, 2007 at 4:30 am

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Nothing says Halloween like the shrieking crypt blues boogidy boogidy of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. This clip dates from a short-lived music and variety show from the 1980s called “Night Music.” It aired late nights on NBC, and was hosted by jazz saxophonist David Sanborn and Jools Holland, who was in Squeeze but is also kind of like the British Paul Schaffer. Hawkins is in typical form here; adorned with tusks and clutching his scepter, he stomps out the beginning of “Spell” in masterful a capella bandleader style before using the full power of the brass arrangement to light the song’s mean-burning fuse. The shit was powerful in 1956, and it stayed that way forever. Boo. — Johnny Loftus

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  1. Bales on November 1st, 2007 11:45 am

    Screamin’ Jay is amazing! Even the time he soiled himself when his coffin wouldn’t open…

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