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I don’t remember who said this exactly, or at what point it occurred during Detour’s launch party, this three-day backslap of ours that evolved into a bigger party than anyone here at the Bivouac could have imagined. But it was yelled into my own brain with such force that it stuck, and by Saturday it had become an adequate summation of the entire event. “My brain is on fire!” – thinking about it now, it had to have been on Thursday night, after the dudes in Child Bite had turned the Magic Stick on its ear with a set of anxious indie rock yelps that featured Read more

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The Internet is devoid of postgame analysis on the final night of Detour’s 3-Day Launch Party, as well as the launch afterparty. This is probably because, at 3a.m., we were standing next to the local bloggerati who would’ve written the recaps, and we were all popping bubbles with our tongues to Charlie Slick’s set of futurized street-level electro. “I am not a robot!” Slick said from the stage, his Read more

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Posted by: on September 22, 2007 at 12:20 pm

Night two of the 3-Day Detour Launch Party was even more crowded than the first. We’re getting tired of telling you: if you’re still on the fence, get off it. This afternoon Detour will take over CAID for a barbecue, and the entry fee for that is NOW JUST $10. (Note also that set times for the barbecue have been pushed back a half-hour each.) That’s 8 bands plus beers and BBQ for Read more

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If you made it out to the first night of our 3-day launch party, then congratulations. You witnessed the genius of Child Bite (a joystick and a saxophone on stage at the same time); the heroic churn of Heroes & Villains; another in a string of effortlessly perfect sets from the Sights; the composed pop insanity of Deastro, who will certainly be signed and a one-man band superstar within months, if not weeks; the Read more

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Detour has been live since June 1, with daily content including record and film reviews, riffs on esoterica from the depths of pop culture, and think pieces on everything from the megalomania of Jack White to actors and actresses who everyone sees but no one knows. Believe it: we have an opinion on everything, and the Web site to prove it. But the Detour 3-Day launch party is our first chance to Read more

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A handful of kids in Hollister pullovers and blue jeans slouched on the pavement outside the venue seven full hours before the doors even opened for Rilo Kiley’s appearance at the Royal Oak Music Theatre, a suburban Detroit spot as oddly antiseptic as the band’s LA-centric pop swish. Later they’d be the ones grooving clumsily but happily to the cleansed Yeah Read more

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Photos and video of Van Halen’s rehearsals for their upcoming tour have appeared on the Roadrunner Records-run Alex Van Halen’s drum kit looks like a 1950s drive-thru, Diamond Dave is transforming into Barry Manilow right before our eyes, Eddie Van Halen is shirtless, and “Eruption” still reminds us of fifth grade, when it was Read more

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Detour’s 3-Day Launch Party begins this Thursday night, and runs through Friday and Saturday, including a barbecue on Saturday afternoon. And that’s where Lemmy comes in. No, neither he nor Motorhead were booked for the fest. But Lemmy’s face is such a grizzled landscape of moles, hair, damage, and the proud scars of heavy metal, we’re thinking of booking our next festival right on there. That’s the contemporary Lemmy, of course. But the Lemmy of 1980 when Ace of Spades first appeared (it followed the one-two punch of Overkill and Read more

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Yes, the the cool brass vamp that accompanies all the nighthawks, perps, cops, insomniacs, johns, and women of questionable virtue who inhabit the city at night. It’s not quite jazz, not quite blues; it’s soft rock, because no one can sleep to that shit. Cue the neon title card, with the backdrop of San Francisco; then cue the 1980s still-frame prostitute shots, the Transamerica, and Read more

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Blonde Redhead were decked out like the Euro-chic fashion police they are when they arrived on stage. Before the New York City trio even played a note, Kazu Makino’s hot pants and sleeveless blouse drew cheesy wolf whistles, while Amedeo Pace was dressed from head to toe in skin-tight white. His twin brother Simone sat coolly behind his tiny drum kit, his silky scarf contrasting with scruffy facial hair. Their Read more

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